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Puffer Plan: Puffer JOY Grand Canyon Syle

Written and Submitted by Sara Reid


Just two short months after Jackson passed, I was traveling out west to Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon for my honeymoon.

We packed our Puffer and spent our first two stops (Bryce and Zion) photographing him in just the right spots. It was fun to share "Jax Joy" as passers by would ask what we were doing.

When we made it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, we decided the Puffer needed to reside at Phantom Ranch. Instead of just leaving him to be found, we shared Jackson's story with a family who were there with their high school aged children. I cried as I talked about Jackson and then handed her the puffer before we began our 10 mile hike out of the canyon.

I'm not sure where that puffer is now...I did leave the email and story with them, but I do know that it brought me JOY to journey with that puffer. It allowed me to reflect on all the things Jackson could do, despite the challenges. It also reminded me how special Jackson's family is. They never slowed or redirected their adventures because of Jackson. He rose above the challenges and persevered! What a beautiful lesson to all of us, that when life throws the hard at us, if we approach it with JOY, we can do anything!!!

I love and miss you Jackson!!!

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