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Puffer Plan: The Puffer Takes on Utah

Written and submitted by Wendy Bohmfalk

My college friends and I take an annual trip. The 2021 trip was going to be extra special - our first real trip since the world opened back up, and we would be celebrating our 50th. However, my heart was heavy from the recent event of Jackson's passing. It gave me a lot of joy to know that I could memorialize Jackson by bringing hispuffer fish with me toSt George, Utah, and the Red Mountain area. I searched high and low for the perfect place to leave it - so many great spots to choose from.Should I leave puffer byBuddha? With a view ofpalm trees? By the mountains? Nothing seemed perfect. I kept waiting for the moment

to strike. While on a hike one day, one of my friend turned to me and said, “would it be

ok if I took the pufferfish home with me? I would like to give the fish to my son,

Matthew.” Matthew is autistic, and my friend felt a kinship with the Campolmi's. It was the

perfect home. I felt teary as I thought of the love and joy spreading via Jackson’s

favorite toy. Jackson is incredibly missed, but lives on through so many people who have

been touched by him and his story.

From my friend: “Please let Adrienne know that Matthew keeps the fish in the

pocket of the car door and plays with it every time he goes for a ride.

He loves it and we are grateful to share in Jackson’s legacy.

Jackson’s toy is spreading calm and JOY all the way to Florida!”

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