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Our Goal

The goal of the foundation is twofold.  ONE: Partner with existing non-profit programs at a local, state and national level.  Our partnership will include providing support via scholarships. TWO:  Our long term goal is to create a capital campaign and create a permanent space in the community that offers fun and educational activities for differently abled children, adults and their families and caretakers. 

Our Partners

Our team worked to identify potential partners for our first year as a foundation.  We decided to support one local, one state and one national organization. Our selection criteria was based first and foremost on Jacksons participation and how much each one changed his life. Our second consideration was based on how much each organization does to support their communities and their participants.  We know the scholarships provided by the foundation will forever change the live of the recipients and their families just as they did ours. We want other families to experience the same JOY we were able to receive through these organizations.   We hope to grow our list of sponsors as the foundation continues to grow.  You can learn more about our partners below using the links provided. 

The non profits we selected are: 

Achieve Tahoe: Achieve Tahoe is an adaptive sports recreation center supporting individuals with disabilities.  Jackson was the recipient of a Dream provided by the Charlotte NC based non-profit organization, Dream on 3.  While Jackson had skied in a bucket many times, Achieve Tahoe had bigger plans for him. They told us if he can walk he can ski and while we had our doubts Jackson did just that and skied independently.  On day 2 he completed 17 runs and on his last run of the day got to ski side by side with his brother.   He was filled with JOY on each run and taught us that again Jackson can achieve and surpass any goal we set for him. 

Camp Royall:  Camp Royall is a camp supporting individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities.   Jackson spent many summers and weekends in the fall attending camp.  During his time at camp he got to be like any other child who has the opportunity to attend sleep away camp.  He participated in all kinds of camp activities like; swimming, horseback riding, biplane and campfires and smores. He quickly became attached to his individual counselor each year and learned how to be independent and have fun.  

Speed for Need:  A Charlotte NC based non-profit, we were introduced to by friends at F3.  Jackson had the opportunity to participate in many races as a "Track Commander" and was pushed by his dad, Chris.  He loved every race and was thrilled to take part in each event.


Get Involved

  • Host an Event 

  • Corporate Sponsorship 

  • Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact us if you are interested in these opportunities to be part of the mission to spread JOY all over the world !!



Want to spread JOY ? Consider helping our mission to support differently abled individuals and their families by spreading JOY

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