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Why the Relay ?

While Jackson and Caden were best friends, Caden was always looking for ways to support his brother and other children with special needs.  In middle school Caden started an after school program for the EC (Exceptional Children) classes at Jacksons' high school, Myers Park.  The program lasted two years until Covid changed the landscape of education for a while.  Caden then changed his mission to support his brother, and the special needs community, by organizing a swim relay through his club, ATOM (Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg).  Caden gathered his closest friends and the kids got started planning their first fundraiser.. The relay was planned for August 2021 and Caden and his friends raised over $7,000.00 and were excited to see all of their hard work come to fruition. Tragically, we lost Jackson the day before the relay and Caden's friends still had the relay to honor Jax and made the event very special for all of those who attended. 

Since then, the event has become an annual tradition and has raised over $75,000.00 and provided dream trips to children with life altering conditions. 

This year all proceeds will benefit the special needs community in Charlotte, NC and will be distributed via the Sweet Jax Joy Foundation in the following ways:

Parks and Recreation Specialized Equipment: In partnership with Mecklenburg Parks & Recreation, our proceeds will benefit a program to build a mobile sensory trailer that will be used for community events and outreach. 

Scholarships: In partnership with Crossway Academy, a special education school, scholarships will be provided to families in need. 

The Leadership Team

We are so grateful at the Sweet Jax Joy Foundation to have a group of amazing kids that organize, lead and run this event every year.  While they have very busy and demanding schedules with school, swimming, jobs and college searches they have taken the time year after year to make this event a huge success. 

The Relay for JOY  leadership team this year consists of: Group Leader Sarah Virkler and the leadership team; Cameron Bucci, Logan Chow, Eleanor Haviland, James Harper, Fiona Harper, Nathan Hohnbaum, Nate Hohm, Mason Kinnavy, Marshall Pfifer,  Allison Repella, and  Marin Schelble.  

Our graduated leadership team includes:  Caden Campolmi, Joe Clark, Nick Chow, Lena Drummond, William Campbell and Stella Adkins. 


Event Sponsors 

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Want to spread JOY ? Consider helping our mission to support differently abled individuals and their families by spreading JOY


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