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The "Puffer Plan" was born

The "Puffer Plan" was unknowingly born in 2018 before it became our mission to honor sweet Jax. During a family trip to Colorado we were making our way to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We love a quirky and spontaneous stop when we travel. We came upon a watch tower on an endless stretch of road in the desolate San Luis Valley. The official name is the UFO Watchtower.

Of course we had to stop in for a visit to check out the alien statues, UFO replica and the watchtower. Part of the beauty of this place, other than the natural vortexes, is a path system where visitors leave an object and it will bring them good karma in return. Once an object is left it can't be touched or moved. An eclectic sea of objects; mix tapes, hats, pins, toys , tools - all kinds of things. We decided we wanted to take part and I went to the car looking for an object and found a puffer Jax had been playing with. We asked Jax for his "ok" and we left one. Jax parted with his beloved puffer where I'm certain it still sits today spreading joy to visitors.

If you find yourself in the San Luis Valley stop in for an out of the world experience.

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